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Drag a card to compleate the pattern.
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If you are experiencing low graphics performance please make sure “hardware acceleration” is ON,
in chrome you can find it by going to this address: chrome://settings/?search=hardware
and enabling “Use hardware acceleration when available”.
In general you will get higher fps on the chrome browser.


Dev Log
Test one two tree.
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That is the end of the prototype, thank you for playing!

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Alexandria Library XYZ is an indie game that makes you want to solve one more physics problem.

In Alexandria you are a little mage that goes to villages and helps people, you complete quests by bringing items to character and you get more story, to forage or craft the items you perform magic spells, performing spells involves solving a "puzzle" meaning solving a math/physics problem, this is done by dragging pieces and connecting them together, different spells correspond to different physics/math topics so for example fire=thermodynamics, mining=calculus, etc. So for example if you want to mine a rock you have to solve a very short calculus problem, or a section of a larger calculus problem. Also there is a Spell Book where any player can post videos, links, questions, or comments about the current problem your are trying to solve. There are other things but those are the main ones.

Learn, practice, and develop real useful skills while you play a video game.

Get incredible motivated to master mathematics and physics by connecting it with surviving, crafting, building, etc.

Stop being tired and distracted, instead be incredibly passionate and energetic about doing what you want.

Make learning and making progress as easily and motivating as it is to play a video game.